FLDS kids likely going home

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Judges ruled earlier this week that at least some of the more than 400 children recently removed from the Yearning For Zion ranch will be returning home. In an unusual move, the appellate court said that Texan authorities had no proof that the children were in immediate danger of abuse, the criteria needed to legally separate children from their parents.

The decision involved the children of 38 mothers. But attorneys say that for all practical matters, it applies to all of the families involved as well. Texas child welfare authorities are scrambling to figure out their next step, but the children will likely start returning home in the next 10 days.

When that happens, I'm sure that the mothers and fathers of the FLDS sect will be rejoicing in both the return of their children and their victory over the system. But as they celebrate, a nervous nation will also be watching, wondering if the right decision has been made or if we've just sent another generation of girls back into the lion's den.

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