Plan to pay more for popcorn at your favorite summer movie

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When you absolutely have to get out of the heat and humidity this summer, a cool, dark movie theater is a tempting choice for a much needed time out, especially with this summer's line up of fun-loving movies.

But if you go, you might want to make sure you have an extra couple of dollars in your pocket. In addition to the arm and the leg that theater owners already charge for popcorn and other so-bad-but-oh-so-good movie treats, they'll be bumping up the price of popcorn by about 25 cents a bag this year.

Concessions are already so expensive that we rarely indulge in them. Instead, we make sure the kids are already fed and then, if the day calls for it, hit the ice cream store on the way home. If you're a die hard popcorn fan, you could also cut your ticket costs by waiting for your favorite movies to hit the budget theaters. Either way, it's unlikely that concession prices are going to drop (do prices ever drop anymore?) so if you're going for the full experience, plan to dig deep!


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