UK theme park bans PDAs

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Alton Towers, the UK's "best loved theme park," is committed to family fun. They're so committed, in fact, that if they see parents trying to sneak in a little non-theme park related time with a personal digital assistant, a "special warden" will pop out of nowhere and take it away.

"It's important for parents and kids to focus on nothing more than having the best possible time," says the theme park's director. The best possible time, apparently, does not involve scrolling through email, checking in on work, or even Twittering about how you're getting too old for roller coasters.

One of my own pet peeves is people who sit through dinner with family and friends with one of those Bluetooth headsets plugged into their ear. I mean, how important are you that you can't take five seconds to pick up the phone if it rings? So I can relate with Alton Tower's desire to make family time about family. But still -- feels a little Big


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