Australian artist questioned over nude photos of teens

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Authorities in Sydney, Australia have been talking to an artist whose exhibition was scheduled to open last week. The thing is, the show included photographs of teenagers in the nude. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has called the photos "revolting" and added that "whatever the artistic merits of that sort of stuff, frankly I don't think there are any."

Artists, on the other hand, have defended photographer Bill Henson, noting that his focus is on "adolescence as a time of metamorphosis which exposes the tensions and strains of living in a body, of being embodied, and of a certain relation of the psyche to the body." Okay, whatever that means. Still, I know I've taken a couple of pics of my own kids that, if viewed out of context, could raise some eyebrows. From what I've seen of Henson's work, I don't think they're inappropriate.

On the one hand, I think sex is in the eye of the beholder, but on the other, perhaps taking pictures of teenage girls is not the best idea if one wants to stay out of trouble. And then there's the question of the parents -- would you let someone take pictures of your kids without clothes on? I don't think I would, no matter how artistic the photos were.

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