Best beaches for kids?

A new article touts the best beaches to consider hitting this summer. Now that Memorial Day is upon us in all its promising glory, beaches (as well as sunblock, floppy hats and other sun considerations) are tops on everyone's mind. I read this article and thought, "Gee, if I were single or my husband and I were in the honeymoon phase of our relationship these beaches would be GREAT to visit." But, you know what? We have kids. Well, we have one kid, and another one on the way--and we like them. And we like the thought of taking them with us on vacation.

There are beach vacations appropriate to taking children and some not so much. Not exactly romantic to rub zinc oxide on your toddler's nose rather than slather oil on your significant other's back. But, in a way, isn't the beach a perfect opportunity for a family vacation? I know my mother is already planning on how to get all of us back to Florida once my newest addition is old enough.

Sites like the Travel Channel offer a nice selection of domestic and world beaches to consider when planning your family vacation. What makes a beach better for a family than, say a romantic getaway? Well, I think that ultimately may be in the eye of the sea shell holder. also offers some great choices, including my beloved Emerald Coast on the Gulf of Mexico. Specifically, I'm talking about Destin (the article sites Sandestin resort), which seems to be the ultimate family-friendly beach destination. I've been going down there since I was a kid myself, and whether a child, teen or adult I've always had the time of my life.

To what beach do you take your family? Tell us why it's the best for family vacations!

Picof Destin from the ysky by FlyGuy92586.

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