Child welfare group says aid workers abusing children

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The recent headlines coming out of Myanmar and China are hard to read -- devastation, disease, lives lost. It's a helpless feeling, being unable to send little more than donations to aid organization and fervent wishes for hope and recovery. We leave it in the hands of government officials and aid organizations.

But according to Save the Children, a leading children's charity, some humanitarian aid workers and U.N. peacekeepers in are taking advantage of their position, committing unspeakable crimes against children, including rape, prostitution, pornography, and trafficking. Their victims find themselves in a difficult position: report the abuse and risk losing the aid that they so badly need, or continue to suffer silently.

I don't know about you, but when I hear that humanitarian workers have reached a population in need, I usually feel a sense of relief that the situation will improve. To think that there are people taking advantage of those who have already suffered so much is utterly disgusting. I hope that by bringing this issue to light, Save the Children has set the wheels in motion to stop these kinds of things from happening, now and in the future.

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