Play Doh scented perfume

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Uhm, yeah, you read that right. The latest craze in perfumania, or just another fangirl trend? Either way, you ain't smelled nothin' 'til you've smelled play-doh scented perfume. According to hip-parent website UrbanBaby, It'll whip you right back to lower school with just one whiff.

If you're longing for childhood but don't have enough money for a time machine, or are watching your figure and therefore cannot eat one more gobstopper, you may be in luck. Demeter Fragrance, known for their wacky creativity when it comes to the art of scent, have created a new scent which smells just like childhood--er, play-doh.

I don't know that I would wear such a scent, but I am certainly curious to smell it. If you're interested, you should act fast, however, as the scent has been released in limited quantities to celebrate play-doh's 50th anniversary. That's right--for half a century they've been ruining our carpets, clogging our drains and making knots in our hair. But it just smells SO good!

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