Tom and Katie want their privacy

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Remember when Katie Holmes was just a cute young actress, schlepping around in blue jeans and looking like an everyday girl? Since hooking up with Tom Cruise, she has transformed into a glamorous fashion plate who wears designer duds and expensive haircuts. Katie may have come into all that money after reaching adulthood, but her daughter was born to it. Little Suri Cruise will never know what it is like to wear cheap fabric and a discount haircut. And while Suri's access to the best of everything is obvious just by looking at her, her parents would rather keep the details of what they spend on their daughter private.

That's why Tom and Katie have sicced their lawyers on Petit Tresor, a high-end baby boutique in Los Angeles. Not only have they been blabbing about how much the famous couple spend in the store, according to Cruise and Holmes, they have inflated the numbers.

A cease-and-desist letter was sent to the store accusing reps of invading their privacy and putting out false information. They specifically object to Petit Tresor's assertion that the couple spent between $350,000 and $400,000 on baby items and accuse them of spreading the lies "for the purpose of enhancing [the store's] image and obtaining a commercial advantage."

I don't often agree with Tom Cruise, but he is right - he and his family have a right to privacy when it comes to their personal shopping habits. However, I have always kind of assumed that shopping at Petit Tresor is like having lunch at The Ivy: celebs go there because they want the attention. Surely there are many more discreet places to purchase high-end baby gear than paparazzi-infested Petit Tresor.

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