Doctors say there's no preventing stretch marks

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We live in an age of Miracle Creams, designed to fix anything that ails you; we also live in an age of celebrity obsession, where you can track the loves and losses and beauty secrets of famous people in amazing detail. So of course we're all obsessed with what precisely it was that Cate Blanchett was rubbing on her belly when she was pregnant because WHERE ARE THE STRETCH MARKS?!? She doesn't have any that I can see.

Apparently, this has less to do with getting your hands on the right product and more to do with things like genetics and weight gain, at least according to the experts. In an article in today's New York Times, the American College of Obstetrician and Gynocologists tells us that we can rub whatever we like on our pregnant bellies, but we can't stop the stretch marks.


According to the Times, "Stretch marks occur when skin loses its elasticity, usually from rapid weight gain - a common occurrence, alas, when one is with child. But research has also shown that genetics and race play a role in stretch marks." So if your mother had stretch marks, you will likely have them too, and if you are a woman of color, your odds of winding up with permanent reminders of your pregnancy etched across your belly and thighs are greater than if you are Caucasian.

But the experts also say that while you can't PREVENT stretch marks, it doesn't really hurt to try. Rubbing fancy creams on your belly while you wait for the baby to grow keeps skin hydrated and makes you feel better, and really, the feeling better is probably the most important part.

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