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It seems like only yesterday that Karenna Gore got married, helped stump for her father in his run for the presidency, and gave birth to Tipper and Al Gore's first grandchild on the 4th of July. So it was a bit of a shock to read Gore Schiff's recent interview with Cookie magazine and realize time hasn't exactly stood still for this busy woman.

Karenna, oldest daughter of former vice-president Al Gore, is a lawyer, the author of Lighting the Way a book about women who helped shape modern American, and works with the Association to Benefit Children, all while balancing being a mother to three children: Wyatt, 8; Anna, 6; and Oscar, 1.

The interview provides a surprisingly intimate glimpse into the life that sounds a lot like the stories of many working woman: the embarrassment of trying to disguise the tell-tale sound of using a breast pump at the office, pulling out a pacifier instead of a pen at an important meeting, to trying to make the most out of the rare family dinner (Like our house, the Gore-Schiffs do tag-team stories at the dinner table where the next person has to continue the tale and generally results in more laughing than eating), and arguing about vaccinations and kid's television viewing habits with her husband.

Mothers of every political leaning can relate to Karenna admitting she's often the "bad cop" in her household and wishes she'd slept in those mornings before she had babies.

It's nice to hear that in spite of political disappointments, this famous daughter isn't dwelling on the past and has carved out a pleasant and normal-sounding life for herself and her young family.

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