Are mama's boys for real?

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I don't know about in this country, but in Italy apparently they are. Of all the fears I have for my son, perhaps the one that gets to me the most is that I will turn my son into a mama's boy. Is there anything I want more than to keep my son around me for the rest of my life, to have him as a constant companion I can love and protect? Uhm, yeah--but that would be h-e-double-hockey-sticks for his social life.

According to a recent article in Psychology Today, Italian men between the ages of 30-34 are twice as likely to stay at home with mom than other men that age. In October 2007, Italy's economic minister, who was apparently fed up with all these sons still living with their mothers, made a bold move to try to "get those big babies out of the house." The response from Italians? Outrage!

Italians cite the economic difficulties in Italy (and probably everywhere) for grown men staying at home. As one person put it, at least the sons have shelter. Mention is also made of the long cultural history Italians have of close family ties. Detractors might say this keeps a son from ever truly growing up. Others say it is perfectly normal for an unmarried--and especially unemployed--son to remain at home until either of those factors change.

So what do you think? Do the Italians have it right, or are they living in the past (and, if so, is that such a bad thing)?


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