Melissa Joan Hart stars in potty training video

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Melissa Joan Hart's career is in the toilet. Literally. The Sabrina the Teenage Witch star will be featured in online video diary that details her two-year-old son Mason's potty training progress. The video will be put out by Kimberly-Clark, who manufactures Pull-Ups, and will offer tips to help parents through the (damp, desperate) throes of potty training. The video diary will start in June and run through July at

Everyone has their own way of doing things, but after potty training dozens of kids in my former school program and my own two kids, I think pull up-type diapers are a waste of time. I always preferred the old school method with a nice, thick pair of cotton training pants and a very watchful eye. That, and waiting until the kids were truly ready to be trained as well.

Either way, watching a parent and toddler-in-training may help new parents get a feel for how the process works. For more tips on getting that kid out of diapers for good, see what's worked for other parents.

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