Snippy cards for every occasion

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Ever looking for just the right card that expresses just how you feel but coming up with nothing? Well, then, this site may be just what you were looking for, especially if what you want to say is snotty. The site, PrettyBitter, has a special way of communicating all the things you can't, and they do so for every occasion. Needless to say, even though the birthday card is downright funny (and a little morbid, as it should be), the ones for new and impending mothers take the proverbial cake.

The comments about how my baby couldn't possibly be cuter than any other baby in the world, no matter what I think, because all babies look the same particularly resonated with me. This is because as a mother, I am pretty sure my baby is the cutest baby in the world. I say pretty sure because, you know, I have another one on the way and that one could be even cuter. Hard to tell at this point. Also humorous was the caddy way the writer had of expressing the old fat vs. pregnant joke.

If you have friends who are good for a laugh and can take a joke, I highly recommend picking up one of these little delights. It will only set you back a few dollars, which will be money well spent when you all sit around laughing about it. I was laughing so hard at one point I actually had tears rolling down my face! And don't worry--there's plenty of stuff one the site for men, too. Heaven knows the creators of PrettyBitter couldn't let an opportunity to make fun of guys go by any faster than making fun of the rest of us!

Thanks to Kristi Anderson, who got a kick out of these and knew they'd be perfect for the snarks at ParentDish, for the link!


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