Coupon cutting queen spends $10 on groceries

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I can't go into Target without spending $100, which is why I never, ever go to Target. But if I could get some lessons from coupon queen Chrissy Thompson, things might be different. She once bought $380 worth of merchandise at Target for -- are you ready for this? -- two cents.

Thompson has coupon clipping down to a science and has whittled her $200-$250 per week grocery bill down to as little as $10. She combines weekly sales fliers, coupons, in-store discounts, and customer rewards to buy only the things her family needs. When she does come home with something extra that she got for free, she donates it.

It really all sounds thrilling. Imagine practically eliminating groceries from your household budget. This is where Thompson loses me, though: Each shopping trip takes up to four hours, with stops at seven different stores. My kids get cranky after three stops and I get cranky after two. Seven stops would push me to the brink of sanity, then give me a good, hard shove over the edge.

Still... a trip to Target for only two cents? It's tempting.

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