Angelina Jolie compares raising kids to action movies

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Just when I think Angelina Jolie is going to annoy me to death, she whips out some quip or does something fantastic that reminds me how people with money and power can--and do--actually use it for good. Sometimes, too, the beautiful and privileged remind us with their sense of humor that they're just people, too. In this case, their regular parents too. Sure, it's Angelina Jolie talking here, who has more than enough resources for herself, Brad Pitt and their four (soon to be six!) gloriously delicious children. But, I totally cracked up when she said recently that raising four kids was a lot harder than being in an action movie. Touche, Ms. Jolie, touche.

Ange was discussing how her bod, which, and let's be honest here people, is still as hot as a poker in a fire even though she is about to pop those twins out, is not as toned as it used to be. You know, back in the days when she would spend hours training instead of mommying? Well, now she's a mom who's birthed one kid and has two more about to pop out, who's always one the run with at least one of her brood, and who has breastfed. Glorious, all of it. Ange feels training has nothing on the work required for all that other stuff!

And, although I do not know her at all (no, really, I don't), it seems like motherhood suites Angelina, far more than an action movie career ever did. I know how she feels. It's scary to think about what you might be leaving behind in terms of your butt and your career, but for both of us it seems motherhood has been the most spectacular experience out there. And, know what? I got my body back--she did too. And she will again! Know what else? even if she never got her body back, I'm sure Angelina would never trade the priceless experience she has been blessed with.

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