PD*Poll: Mom fights church that banned autistic boy

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Right on the heels of the recent story about a boy with Asperger's syndrome being voted out of his classroom comes a story out of Minnesota about a 13-year-old autistic boy who's been banned from church.

According to church officials, the boy, Adam, has pushed or ran into fellow churchgoers, urinated and spit in church, and even started another person's car and started it up, revving the engine while people were standing in front of it. The church said that he is not only disruptive, but they feel he is dangerous as well, and they've gone as far as obtaining a restraining order against the family, legally barring them from attending services.
But Adam's mom isn't going down without a fight. She violated the order on May 11th, and says she'll keep fighting to get her family into church. "He's never actually injured anyone," she recently said, "He's never knocked anyone down. He's never urinated on anyone or spit on anyone." Though the church has offered alternatives, watching the service in the church basement, for instance, the family has declined.

It's so difficult to get a handle on a situation by reading a news story. Is Adam really a danger, or is he simply disruptive because of his autism? If he's simply disruptive, then is the church being intolerant? And if he is a danger to the other members of the church, is it possible that his family is just not accepting the reality of his situation? It's obviously a difficult situation for everyone involved.

What would you do if you were Adam's mom?

What would you do if you were Adam's mom?
I'd keep fighting for my right to go to church.58 (10.2%)
I'd accept the alternative service the church was offering.215 (37.9%)
I'd find another church.189 (33.3%)
I'd go to church, but leave Adam home.71 (12.5%)
Other -- tell us in comments!35 (6.2%)

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