Sabrina, the Teenage Witch actress expecting

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With monthly announcements the younger generation of celebrities becoming parents (Punky Brewster! Clarissa Knows It All! The boys from Hanson! Zoey 101!) making the news, it's a refreshing change to hear of a more mature female celebrity anticipating a visit from the stork. The current pregnant Sabrina actress isn't Melissa Jo Hart, who just had her 2nd son a few months ago.

This time the expectant momma is sitcom star, former talk show host, and stand-up comedian Caroline Rhea. The 44 year old funny woman and her longtime boyfriend and fellow stand-up comic Costaki Economopoulos are expecting their very first child. No due date has been released.

It's hard to imagine how entertaining the maternity ward would be if Caroline Rhea and Amy Poehler had their babies at the same time. Between those two and their funny husbands, it would be the comedy event of the year!

Caroline Rhea Prepares for Motherhood(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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