SATC's Cynthia Nixon protests NYC school budget cuts

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Forget sex and the city, how about a protest in the city? Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda Hobbes in the blockbuster hit Sex and the City, is using her voice and her celebrity power to draw attention to the upcoming cuts to the NYC school budgets.

The actress, as well as parents, teachers, and principals from 50 city schools, led a rally on Monday protesting cuts at Manhattan's Stuyvesant High School. Nixon, a long time public school supporter, is challenging Schools Chancellor Joel Klein's decision to cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from the budget. (Read more about the issue here.)

Cynthia, we may not have your fame or your fabulous shoes, but parents, teachers, and students across the country can empathize with your plight. In one nearby district, budget woes require that all teachers are laid off every spring, only to be called back in the fall as needed. Money can't solve everything, but when major cuts are taking place, people, programs, and most importantly, educational quality suffer.

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