Breakfast: The most important meal you never get to eat

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What did I have for breakfast this morning? Two no-bake cookies and a strawberry-banana smoothie. Well, actually, I had what was left of my girls' smoothies when I hurried to clean up the breakfast dishes and get us all out the door for a doctor's appointments.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why we make sure our kids fuel up on nutritious, well-balanced meals first thing every morning. But breakfast isn't just for the under-18 set. You and I need that energy in the morning too, sometimes even more than our kids do!

For the record, my breakfast on days that aren't totally crazy usually consists of cereal, yogurt, and fruit -- boring, but essential to me not crashing by 10 A.M and plugging my kids into the nearest TV (not that I would do that, ahem). New York magazine recently asked 60 people "What did you eat this morning?" The results are published in The Breakfast Manifesto, and by the looks of things, a lot of people are still eating breakfast -- and plenty of it: Western omelets, oatmeal, French toast, Cornflakes, croissants, and a whole lot of Starbucks (not to mention the odd Bloody Mary and slice of pizza). So I'm going to ask the same question of you, dear ParentDish readers. What did YOU eat for breakfast this morning? And if you managed a meal that includes three out of four food groups AND you sat down while you were eating it, please share with us how you managed to do that. Inquiring minds want to know... (so we can copy your technique!).

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