Six-year-old saves friend from drowning

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, even pint-sized. When Josiah Buddah took off his water wings and sank to the bottom of the pool, the adults in the area didn't notice. But buddy Haden Stusak did. Though he's only six years old, Haden took it upon himself to dive deep and pull the unconcious Josiah to safety. The he cried, "Help, help, he drowned."

Josiah is doing well, thanks to Haden's quick thinking, and now swims with a float suit. Haden may be a hero, but he's humble as well. "We're friends," he said, "That's what friends do." I think Josiah is pretty lucky to have a friend like Haden!

This story is a good reminder that though swimming is a great way for the whole family to cool off in the hot summer weather, without supervision pools (or any other body of water) can also be dangerous. Visit the American Red Cross for tips on keeping your little swimmers safe this summer.

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