Who's your sitcom daddy?

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There is an interesting survey over at Parenting.com in which moms were asked to rate their husbands on a variety of subjects. Over 1,000 moms answered questions concerning the hotness of their hubby, how much he helps out with the kids, which sitcom dad he most resembles, and his most annoying trait, among others.

Most of the results weren't all that surprising to me. At least half of the moms surveyed said their husbands don't clean up after themselves, tend to give in too easily when the children beg, and don't spend enough time on romance. What is interesting (at least to me) is that when asked which sitcom dad their husband is most like, 50% chose Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men. I've seen that show a few times and if memory serves, that character is a bumbling and insecure dad who worries a lot about whether he's doing right by his kid.

While a somewhat clueless dad isn't exactly what every woman yearns for when choosing the man who will father her children, at least Alan Harper is involved. Coming in second with 38% of the vote was decidedly hands-off dad Ray Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond. Now that's just sad. I think I would rather be married to Homer Simpson (the number three pick at 12%) than Ray Barone. Homer may be dumb, but he's always around.

I didn't take the survey, but I suspect those three dads were the only choices offered. Surely there are better examples of great fathers on television these days. Which sitcom dad is most like your husband?

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