Make your own nursing bracelet

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I can't remember exactly what method I used to keep track of my girls' feedings when they were nursing. I've got vague recollections of a safety pin, and it's possible for one of them (probably my second, as I was a total wreck those early weeks), I think I just only snapped one button on my nursing bra instead of two to remind myself which side we were on. Not a perfect system, by any means.

That's why I think the person who invented the nursing bracelet is a genius. These handy bracelets not only help you remember on which side you last fed, but also how long your baby ate at their last feeding -- good information to have if you're feeding on demand.

Francesca over at DIYLife recently shared tips for making your own nursing bracelet. Creating your own version allows you to make something that suits your own personal style and would also make a thoughtful baby gift for a mom-to-be.


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