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Oh, those wacky Swedes and their hilarious kids' names! Okay, I had no problem with a girl being named Elvis and even Metallica is plausible, if you like the band's music, I suppose. And while I would never think to tell another parent what they can or cannot name their kid, sometimes even I have to ask, "Why?" Such is the case with the latest naming news from Stockholm, where a couple has won the right to name their son Lego.

The parents say they have been calling the boy Lego for a year now and that if there had been any embarrassment, they would have chosen something different. They were initially turned down when they submitted the name for approval, but the latest decision from the Administrative Court of Appeals allows them to continue using the name.

I'm pretty opened-minded about names, but I have to wonder what would inspire parents to name their child after an internationally known toy? What dreams and aspirations does the name represent? Are they hoping for a future architect or engineer? What do you think?

Would you name your child after a product?
Sure! At least he won't be one of ten Jakes in his class.254 (33.5%)
Absolutely not! That's like branding the kid with a corporate logo.504 (66.5%)

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