Sex and the American Dad

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Be they conservative or liberal, atheist or devout, young or old, there's one thing almost all dads can agree on: We like sex. To find out a little more about what the average American dad thinks about the subject, AOL and Cookie magazine are running a poll right now for dads. Just in time for Father's Day, we guys can share how often we do it, whether we'd like to do it more or less, and who we've thought about doing it with.

So far, the results show that we are pretty evenly split over how often we have it, be it once a week, more than that, a few times a month, or less than once a month. Pretty overwhelmingly, however, we'd all like it more often, with 1% saying they'd like it less often and about one in five happy with the status quo. Probably, this is because we all used to get it on a lot more before we had kids. Well, duh. Not much better birth control than a kid sleeping between the two of you. And even if they're all in their own room, it seems to me that parents are going to be way too tired from chasing the kids all day to do much more than kiss each other good night.

It doesn't surprise me that a little under two-thirds of dads say they initiate sex most of the time, but it did come as a shock that slightly more than half of the dads that answered so far say they have considered having an affair since having kids -- and that nearly three in ten say they have had one! So much for that whole sanctity of marriage thing, eh?

Of course, most dads have fantasized about other women (or, in a few cases, other men) and most would like to have oral sex more often but despite that, just as many find their wives equally (54%) or more (29%) attractive since having kids. (My wife was hot before and still is, so count me in there!)

These are some interesting results and I'll be very interested in seeing the final numbers. If you're a dad, get on over there and fill out the survey. If you're married to one, get him to fill it out (just don't look over his shoulder, especially for the affair and fantasizing questions.)

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