The case of the $2,000 teddy bear

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Did you have a favorite teddy bear when you were growing up? If so, you might be able to relate to this story. Orange Ted, as the now possibly celebrity status teddy bear in the tale is known, is a very lucky bear indeed. His family traveled over 1,500 miles and interacted with over 1,000 people to get him back!

Jaimee Armstrong of was traveling back from a family vacation to the Costa Brava when Orange Ted was accidentally misplaced at Girona Airport. Armstrong had mistakenly left her hand baggage at the departure gate amid the hoopla surrounding boarding. The seven-year-old was so upset over the loss of her friend (and who wouldn't be--after all, is there a truer friend than your teddy bear?) she couldn't sleep, and her parents launched the aptly titled "Operation Bear Necessity" to get him back.

After the aforementioned 1,500 miles and over £1,000, Orange Ted was happily reclaimed by his family. The Girona Airport personnel confirmed the luggage was there but that someone would have to collect it in person. After a series of near-collections and hand-offs, Orange Ted, who has one eye and is going bald among other maladies, made what would be his final journey--back into the arms of the little girl who loved him most.

Teddy pic by Zevotron.

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