Smurfs coming to the big screen

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Like everything else nostalgia-minded these days, yet another childhood favorite cartoon is making its way to the big screen. Whether the cartoon in question heading to tinsel town is a good thing or not depends on your opinion of smurfology, I guess.

The Smurfs was a popular cartoon that ran in the 80's from 1981 to 1990 (if you can believe it, I'm sure a lot of that was syndication) and centered around a population of blue creatures who were three apples high and who lived in mushrooms. Their nemesis was an evil magician named Gargamel and his rotten cat Azreal. Sound odd? Well, it was, even to me, and I was a kid.

Now two of the masterminds behind the first two Shrek movies are plugging away at a script for the Columbia Pictures live action/animation creation. No word yet on the storyline. I'm also not sure in a world where anything not in HD or attached to a video game is passe if the Smurfs will mean anything to the youth as compared with their parents. I watched the Smurfs, but I don't know if I would shell out $10 to go see the movie, let alone drag my kid, who, by the end of the whole thing, would walk away from the experience with little more than an appreciation for the phrase "Smurf you!"

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