Angelina Jolie claims pregnancy is good for sex

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Actress Angelina Jolie claims that being pregnant is great for her sex life. Ms. Jolie is set to give birth to twins in the imminent future in her mother's native France.

Says Jolie, being round and full has given her a lust for life. She also comments that due to her size she and boyfriend Brad Pitt have had to become creative as traditional styles no longer are comfortable. Hence, sex is more fun.

Many women eschew sex in the late stages of pregnancy because it's uncomfortable or they feel too big to be sexy. Perhaps we should take some advice from Angelina. Also, there's no fear of getting pregnant when you're already there! Plus, I've heard sex is a good way to get labor going if the baby is late. Perhaps there is more up Ms. Jolie's sleeve then she is letting on (that's usually the case).

Brad and Angie at Cannes(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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