What Dad really wants for Father's Day

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Think that Dad wants a big, fancy present for Father's Day? Think again. According to a recent survey by Discover Card, what Dad really wants is a nice dinner out and something handmade by Mom or the kids. Dads also reported wanting:
  • gift cards
  • DVDs, books, or music
  • tools or appliances
  • sports or hobby-related gifts
  • travel
Unfortunately, the survey also found that dads weren't always getting what they wanted. The most commonly given gift was hobby or sports-related, which ranked sixth on Dad's list. And homemade gifts ranked way down on the list of gifts Dad usually receives, even though most respondents claimed to love those the most.

So if you haven't yet shopped for Father's Day, you might just want to try making something (even though there's not much time left). Check out Angie's recent crafty posts or visit DIYLife for more ideas about homemade gifts for the father in your life.

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