Child's sunburn lands dad in hot water

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When Bobby Jones played outside with his two-year-old son recently, a neighbor said that she thought he was very "attentive." Not attentive enough, apparently. Jones neglected to protect his toddler from the sun, and the boy developed second and third-degree burns -- including large blisters -- on his back and shoulders.

The sunburn has landed Jones in hot water. He's been arrested and is facing criminal abuse charges. Jones recently pleaded not guilty, but the court has placed an emergency order that doesn't allow Jones to see his son for the next two weeks.

Whether or not this is a case of a terrible mistake or, worse, neglectful behavior, it is a good reminder that it doesn't take long at all for children's skin to burn in the hot summer sun. Having been caught without sunscreen once already this summer, I recently bought an extra stick for my purse. Check out our sun safety post for more tips on protecting kids from those summertime rays.

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