Stefani and Rossdale promise Goth baby, nursery

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Stewi Griffin (of television's Family Guy) make want Gwen Stefani dead, but somehow I can't get enough of her. The singer and business woman, who has her own line of clothes, bags and perfume, is set to be mom to baby number two any day now, but she and husband rocker Gavin Rossdale don't know the sex.

Rather than choosing to find out, they are going the other way and keeping the suspense until the last minute. But, how to buy? How to decorate? How to have fun while you wait (outside of your reunion with No Doubt)? Not a problem. The rockers plan on having a Goth baby and painting the child's nursery black.

Rossdale is quoted as saying this to OK Magazine in regards to whether he was going pink or blue with the nursery. I'm sure Gwen,already mom to Kingston, was amused at the remark if anything. The whole thing is probably a joke, but I wouldn't put it past these two to actually follow through with it! I wonder what color Kingston's room is!


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