Strawberry Shortcake grows up

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My kids have -- and frequently play with -- a large plastic strawberry filled with Strawberry Shortcake characters that were mine when I was a kid. They love the way the dolls smell, the interchangeable hats, and the little rubber shoes that don't constantly fall off (unlike their more modern dolls).

But according to American Greetings Properties, the company who owns Strawberry and her friends, my kids are an anomaly. Modern kids can't relate to the old SS and friends, they say, and either can a whole string of other 1980s characters. So they're all getting makeovers to attract a new generation of fans, while still trying to hook parents with the nostalgia factor. Care Bears are slimming down, TMNT are getting more muscular (but less aggressive), even Mickey Mouse is in the process of getting a new look.

I really don't have a problem with companies remaking favorite brands to make them more modern. When Strawberry was remade a few years ago, she was brought into the 21st century, but she was still clearly a kid. This most recent makeover gives Strawberry a cell phone (goodbye, Custard the cat!), long flowing hair, and those vapid, Bratz-like eyes that are oh-so-popular with manufacturers today.

What do you think about the makeover -- Strawberry Shortcake gone wild or perfect for today's little girls?

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