Teen sets new Rubik's Cube record

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Remember Rubik's Cubes? Those maddening little squares of frustration that mock you with their refusal to line up properly? As a kid, I spent countless hours attempting to solve my Rubik's cube, eventually succumbing to frustration and destroying the thing when I tried to peel off the colored stickers and place them where they were supposed to go.

Some kids are better than others at solving the puzzle that is Rubik. But no kid is better at it than 18-year-old Dan Cohen. The Pennsylvania teen managed to solve the 4x4 Rubik's Revenge Cube in 46.03 seconds, officially setting a new world record. Cohen's competitors included smart people of all ages and he says he surprised even himself by winning. ''It came out of nowhere. I'm not even remotely that fast,'' he said. ''Everything just came together.''

Interestingly, of the 36 competitors at the Da Vinci Science Center's Rubik's Cube Competition, only one was female. The 13-year-old girl obviously didn't win, but she should at least get some props for competing in what clearly is a male-dominated event.

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