"Can't Touch This" sign for babies

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When you're out with a baby, it's common for a well-meaning stranger to coo and smile at the little one while telling you what you already know, this is SUCH an adorable/happy/fun child! These are the wise, nice strangers that can make your day.

Then there's the other category of baby-loving stranger. This kind is oblivious to personal boundaries and germ-spreading and will lean into car seats or carriers and actually KISS the baby. And BREATHE ALL OVER IT. Or GRAB THEIR LITTLE HANDS to marvel over their itty bittiness, test their grip, and pass on the germs from their own hands that MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEEN WASHED AFTER THEIR LAST VISIT TO THE BATHROOM.

I get a little hyperventilatey just thinking about it, because just like your babies, mine were exceptionally cute and we were accosted by wackjobs at the supermarket all the time.

My Tiny Hands has come up with a product that politely asks strangers to keep their grubby paws off of Baby, so the parent doesn't have to. Childless people might find the "Please wash your hands before touching mine" message a bit blunt, but it's a lot kinder than my solution, which was to yell, "HEY! DON'T DO THAT! HE'S SICK!" which was effective in its own way.

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