PD*Poll: Are families off-limits during elections?

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Barack Obama is upset because the Republicans and the media have cast aspersions on his wife's character, questioning her patriotism and calling her his "baby mama". He told one network that "I've said publicly before, and I'll say it again - I think families are off limits." He's also upset that his opponent, John McCain, hasn't spoken out against dragging wives through the mud.

John McCain, however, countered saying that not only has he spoken out against the practice, it's Obama that has not taken a stand. McCain spokesman Joe Pounder, referring to calls for Cindy McCain to release her taxes and questions about her husband's campaign use of her company's private jet, said that "Obama's silence speaks volumes, and it's unfortunate that he would single out others for a standard he himself has failed to live up to."

If you ask me, it seems that personal attacks calling someone unpatriotic are not quite the same as asking for transparency in campaign financing, although I will admit I'm not sure why Mrs. McCain's taxes are relevant. Still, in general, I would say that wives and families should be off-limits during an election -- we're not voting for Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain, after all.

So what do you think? Are families fair game or should they be left alone? Are they relevant to a candidate's qualifications for elected office or are they indicative of the candidate's character?

Should politicians' families be off-limits during elections?
Leave 'em alone -- we're not voting for them84 (63.2%)
Go for it -- they show who the candidates really are49 (36.8%)

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