Teens go to rehab for cell phone addiction

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Are your kids getting a little close to their cell phone? Two Spanish children kids, ages 12 and 13, were recently sent to rehab for their cell phone addictions. Their parents say that the children's addictions were making them lie, do poorly in school, and created a situation where they could no longer live a normal life. The children had owned their cell phones for a year and a half, but their parents didn't put any restrictions on their use until the troubling behavior started.

While this is obviously an extreme situation, cell phone responsibility is definitely something that tweens and teens need to be taught. Though cell phones are a convenient way for parents and kids to stay in touch, they've been linked poor sleep habits in kids, cyber-bullying, cheating on tests, and even car accidents. About.com tells dads how to talk to their kids about responsible cell phone use, while Suite 101 has a few more idea about how to handle that very first cell phone.

Does your tween or teen have a cell phone? How do you help them manage it responsibly?

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