Chinese police officer promoted for nursing quake babies

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Leaving her own baby with her parents, thirty-year-old policewoman Jiang Xiaojuan went to work helping with the disaster relief after the big earthquake that struck China last month. She picked up the nickname "the police mum" after breastfeeding nine orphaned babies. That's not all she got for her efforts, though.

She was also given the titles "hero and model police officer" and "excellent member of the Communist Party", as well as becoming the vice commissar of the Communist Party of China Committee of the Jiangyou Public Security Bureau. Not everyone was cool with the accolades and promotion, however.

"Many people voiced objections when the Jiangyou government sought public opinion after making the promotion," the Xinhua news agency reported. "They said an official position should not be used to promote a moral model." I don't know about the moral issue, but it does seem to me that the point of any police department is "to serve and protect" -- and she certainly served. She also showed that she puts those she has sworn to protect first and is willing to do whatever she can to help them. I say, good job!

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