Shower baby with books

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It's not unusual for expectant mothers to be given more than one baby shower in anticipation of a new arrival, which can quickly translate into more onesies or outfits than any one child could ever use.

One way to keep a clothing avalanche (and the resulting gift returns) to a minimum is to have a book shower instead. Rather than tradition baby items, attendees are asked to bring a children's book they enjoy to give the parents a head-start on building Baby's library. Not only are the expectant parents well-prepared for bedtime story requests and starting the lovely and educational habit of reading to their child, sharing a beloved book is much more personal and meaningful than ordering off a department story registry.

A nice touch to Baby Book Shower would be to include a bookplate with the invitation that guests could use to inscribe with a special message and affix to the inside cover of their gift.

Baby's extra friends or relatives might consider going in together to purchase a sturdy little bookshelf to neatly store all these literary treasures.

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