Christie Brinkley divorce drama begins

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Christie Brinkley's divorce proceedings aren't even underway yet and already the spectacle has begun. You may recall that the 54-year-old Brinkley filed for divorce from hubby Peter Cook after catching him cheating with a 19-year-old office assistant two years ago. If that wasn't humiliation enough, Brinkley now has to deal with Cook's new love inserting herself into the sure-to-be messy divorce proceedings.

After Brinkley kicked him to the curb, Cook began dating single mom Suzanne Shaw. She's the former lover of a Park Avenue dentist who dumped her when she was six months pregnant. Because of that experience, she says she sympathizes with Brinkley. "I've been there, and I feel for her," Shaw said.

However, Shaw is concerned about the public beating she is sure Brinkley has planned for Cook and would like the former supermodel to back off her boyfriend for the sake of the kids. "He obviously made a mistake," she says. "But one mistake doesn't erase years of being a good person.

"She's doing this to publicly flog him," she continues. "This shouldn't be about her. It should be about their kids, [and] it will mean long-term, protracted damage to them."

I understand Shaw wanting to protect her man, but I think she is way out of line here. This is about Christie Brinkley, her kids and her cheating ex-husband. Shaw is entitled to her opinion, but should seriously consider keeping her mouth shut. If I were Brinkley, Shaw's comments would infuriate me.

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