Pregnant woman called "hero" after chasing down drunk driver

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When you're a parent, the instinct to protect your child is sometimes overwhelming. When my husband stumbled on our concrete porch steps with our older daughter, then just an infant, they both fell... hard. He ended up with scrapes and bruises. She was completely unharmed and even giggled when they landed. I don't know how he did it, but in those short seconds he managed to turn his body just right to keep her safe, even if it meant that he took the brunt of the fall.

Maybe it was her pregnancy that put Amanda Bourque's "mama bear" instincts into overdrive. When a drunk driver narrowly missed hitting her car, Bourque decided that she needed to do something before someone got hurt. So she followed the weaving driver into a convenience store parking lot, where he smashed into a wall and another car before Bourque finally cornered him with her own vehicle.

Bourque's being called a hero and will be nominated for a public service award. Though many people would have called 911 in the same situation, to actually pin down the driver until help arrived definitely took some guts.

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