Teen takes advantage of unlimited text plan

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How many text messages do you send in a month -- five? fifty? What about your teenaged kids? More like 500? And you think that's a lot? Well let me tell you some thing... that's nothing. In fact fifteen-year-old Paige Horne does that in a day. Yep, she averages 15,000 text messages a month which works out to around 500 a day, every day.

She only knows this because the technician suggested that her heavy usage might be the reason her phone died when she took it in to be fixed. Naturally, in order to keep up that kind of traffic, she's a touch-textist: "I just don't look," she explained. "I guess I had the phone a long time and I just know where the buttons are and I just hit them."

And to make this even more impressive, the phone is turned off by 9pm on school nights -- there's no late night, under-the-covers texting for her. And if that isn't enough, she plays on her school volleyball and basketball teams and maintains a 3+ GPA. Personally, I don't get the whole texting thing, but as long as she is able to keep up her grades and all, I don't see a problem. I'm sure glad I'm not her thumbs, though!

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