Think your kid is a picky eater? Boy, 2, subsists on yogurt

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It's a common parental complaint: "My child is SO PICKY!" Picky eaters come in all forms -- those who will only eat a certain color food, or who choose fruits over vegetables, or who insist on having the same thing for lunch every day. No matter what picky profile a child fits, parents worry.

But here's an extreme case: two-year-old Bobby Glarvey eats ONLY yogurt. That's it; nothing else. In a day he will consume 14 pots of yogurt (five for breakfast, three for lunch, four at supper, two or three more before bed). Bobby has been diagnosed with a food phobia that makes it impossible for him to bear lumpy food in his mouth.

Bobby's parents have consulted with medical professionals who have advised them not to make Bobby eat anything else; they have been told that he will outgrow his phobia but that forcing him to try other foods will only make things worse. His mother confirms this: "We have tried all ways to get him to eat other food but he just spits it out. He's never had a hot meal in his life."

But what concerns me is this: according to Bobby's father, "Bobby is really lively and bright but he is under weight and very tiny and it's because he won't eat other food." Yogurt is a fairly healthy food, but it would seem that an all-yogurt diet can't be good for a growing toddler.

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