Brangelina baby watch begins

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Angelina Jolie has been admitted to a Nice hospital (that's Nice the city in France, not nice the adjective, although I assume it IS a pretty nice hospital) to await the birth of her twins. Jolie is reported to have checked in to for "surveillance" rather than because anything is imminently wrong (or even imminently happening). So far, there are no reports of labor, false or otherwise, and hospital spokespeople say that Jolie will not have the babies any time soon.

Jolie and baby daddy Brad Pitt have been living in France with their four children -- we wonder if Brad is home with the kids while Angie is kicking back in the maternity ward? We hope so -- a little R and R would be good for her, and Brad seems like the kind of dad who would have endless fun things planned for the kids. Although they probably have some extra people around to help, which lessens the likelihood that the kids will just eat hot dogs and mac and cheese until their mother comes home.

Joking aside, we hope that Angelina has a safe birth, and that the babies are healthy. And we promise to keep you posted on their arrival.

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