Naomi Watts pregnant again

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According to the rumor mill, which has been churning for a while now on this one, actress Naomi Watts is pregnant with her second child. The Aussie is allegedly four months along.

Watts is married to fellow actor Liev Schreiber, with whom she has son Alexander, who will turn one this July. Watts' best friend, Nicole Kidman, is due this year as well, just a few months before Naomi, if the rumors are true. Hey, no time like the present to get moving with making your family. Have all the kids now and then get back to your original shape and all that movie-making business, eh?

Good luck and congratulations to Naomi and Liev!

Naomi Watts (& Liev Schreiber)(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Naomi and LievNaomi and LievNaomi and LievLiev SchreiberNaomi Watts

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