"Friends" could be heading for the big screen

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When we last left the Friends crew, Rachel and Ross had reunited, and Monica and Chandler had just learned they were about to become adoptive parents -- to twins. Phoebe got married, and Joey was... well... still being Joey. It seemed like a good ending to the decade long series, but with the recent success of Sex and the City's big screen debut, rumors are swirling that the Friends cast may be reuniting.

When we met them, they were all 20-something singles trying to get a handle on life and love. But by the time the finale came along, though, there were marriages and babies and a focus on a more domesticated life. I'm curious what angle they will take. Will they pick up where they left off? Or will it be a Friends: Four Years Later sort of thing?

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That would mean we'd skip right over Chandler's bumbling, but surely endearing, early attempts at fatherhood, something I'd sure hate to miss. Rachel and Ross's Emma would be in kindergarten or first grade by now. And are Phoebe and Mike still leading Phoebe's carefree life? Or did they settle down and have kids of their own?

Whether or not this movie ever gets made, it's kind of fun to wonder how their lives turned out. Would you go see Friends on the big screen?

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