Making labor and delivery worth it: Keith Urban buys Nicole Kidman a $73,000 ring

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Did you get a "push present" when your babies were born? You know what I mean -- the traditional push present (could we maybe think of a better name for that, please?) is a piece of jewelery; sometimes it is set with the baby's birthstone, but more often, at least where I live, it's a piece that the mama has chosen ahead of time. A really NICE piece, just so we're clear.

But this tops every push present I've ever seen: doting husband and daddy-to-be Keith Urban has reportedly purchased a $73,000 Cartier ring for wife Nicole Kidman. The ring in question is a trinity ring, made of three interlocking bands of pink, yellow, and white gold, representing friendship, love, and fidelity. Kidman's ex, Tom Cruise, bought one for his current wife and baby mama Katie Holmes for Mother's Day. Apparently it's the thing to have if you're a celebrity mom.

Cartier does several variations on the Trinity ring, including this simple one set with diamonds. Almost makes a girl think about getting pregnant again.

Rumor has it that the ring is a surprise for Kidman; hope we're not spoiling it (we doubt it, though).

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