Behold the breastfeeding chair!

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Breastfeeding women face plenty of hurdles when trying to feed their babies in public. There are negative attitudes, of course, which shouldn't exist but do. But there are also issues of privacy and comfort. Some women breastfeed with ease. Others (like me) manage to make it look even harder than it already is.

But even with all those hurdles, babies need to be fed. And women have the right to feed them, without hiding away in closet-sized rooms, or worse, restroom stalls. One design student thinks she has the answer, the breastfeeding chair. With its high back, winged sides, and accompanying table and footrest, it's meant to put a nursing mother at ease while feeding her baby.

Nicola Hart designed the chair in anticipation of the Equality Bill, which will allow UK women to breastfeed in public legally. Before the Equality Bill, nursing moms could be charged with indecency. You know what I think? Breastfeeding chair's are an innovative solution. Laws that charge nursing moms with a crime? Stupid.

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