Bindi Irwin: a real life doll

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Even before her father's death in 2006, Bindi Irwin seemed destined to join the family business. The Crocodile Hunter's daughter had made several appearances on her dad's shows and was obviously comfortable with her exotic and sometimes dangerous co-stars. But it was her moving speech at her father's memorial service in 2006 that probably sealed the deal for her future as a television star. At eight-years-old, she was well-spoken, calm, and showed a maturity beyond her years.

I was impressed and so was the Discovery Kids Channel, who gave her a show of her own. Bindi the Jungle Girl may have earned Irwin an Emmy award, but now she's getting real proof that she's a star: a doll in her likeness. Developed by Wild Republic, the Bindi Irwin talking doll is a 10 inch replica of the little girl all decked out in her khaki finest. Sporting her trademark bangs and pigtails, she comes with accessories including binoculars, a camera, outback gear, as well as a cockatoo, wombat and python. Plus, she says things like "Crikey! Let's go help wildlife," and "You can make the world a better place."

The dolls will go on sale in September for $15 to $20 each, with some of the proceeds going to help fund efforts to breed endangered species and rescue animals. Beat that, Barbie!

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