Mother files suit against Crocs

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The mother of the three-year-old girl whose foot became entangled in an escalator at an Atlanta airport has filed a lawsuit against the maker of the popular plastic shoes for millions of dollars.

Alison Pregliasco and her daughter were on their way to a trip to Disney World when the little girl's Croc became entangled in an airport escalator. According to the report, it took 15 minutes to remove the child's right foot from the escalator. She had three broken toes and had to have surgery that involved doctors putting pins in her foot and cleaning bones to remove skin contaminated with escalator grease.

The mother of the injured girl says the Croc company knew their product could cause harm and did nothing to warn people. What might strengthen her case is that this isn't the first time Crocs has been aware of the danger their shoe could be on escalators: the company is in the midst of another lawsuit by the family of another three-year-old who was involved in an escalator entrapment at JFK Airport in New York, and this past May Consumer Reports issued a warning about wearing the rubber shoes on escalators.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that in 2007 they have been made aware of 11,000 escalator related accidents and of 77 foot entrapments since January 2006. Half of the entrapments resulted in injury. Here are some steps the CPSC recommends to prevent escalator injuries from happening:

  • Make sure shoes are tied before getting on an escalator.
  • Stand in the center of the step and be sure to step off of the escalator at the end of your ride.
  • Always hold children's hands on escalators and do not permit children to sit or play on the steps.
  • Do not bring children onto escalators in strollers, walkers, or carts.
  • Always face forward and hold the handrail.
  • Avoid the sides of steps where entrapment can occur.
  • Learn where the emergency shutoff buttons are in case you need to stop the escalator.

It looks like it might be a good idea to just leave the Crocs at home and have the kids wear shoes and sandals when traveling or when going to a building with escalators. It might be a pain to keep everyone tied and buckled, but returning with toes intact would make the inconvenience worth it.

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