DailyDish: Turn your backyard into a water park

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Tickets to the water park can run up to $30 per kid. Make your backyard a wet-and-wild zone instead.For little ones:
  • Fill up a kiddie pool and put their plastic slide inside. Instant water slide!
  • Find interesting containers around your home: spray bottles, funnels, basters, cups, and scoops work well. Throw them in the pool.
  • Gather paintbrushes and let your kids "paint" the house with water.
  • Bring out a plastic baby doll and some bubbles and let your baby give their baby a bath.
  • Keep the sprinkler on low for a little adventure.

For older kids:
  • Set up a "get wet" obstacle course.
  • Two words: Water. Balloons.
  • Play sponge tag. The person who's "it" has to tag another child by hitting them with a wet sponge.
  • Build your own water slide.

If you already have a pool in your backyard, try some of these splashy games from Family Fun.


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