Obama's daughter says her dad can be embarrassing

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He may be the presumptive Democratic nominee, but Barack Obama is also a dad to Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7. And while he may be able to make inspiring speeches that cause his supporters to cheer, he's also really, really good at embarrassing his daughters, reports Malia.

His crime? Shaking her friends' hands. "You don't really shake kids' hands that much," she told him, "You just wave or say hi." I can relate, Malia. My dad used to tell really bad jokes when I was your age.

The Obamas typically keep their girls out of the media, but they've allowed Access Hollywood a glimpse into their lives as a family. Malia reports that she was excited to see her mom in a tabloid magazine like Angelina Jolie, and wonders what decorating her room at the White House might be like. The show airs tonight, but you can get a sneak peek here. The Obama girls are not only utterly adorable, it's nice to see them all interact as a family.

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